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Dynax was created in 1985 as an R&D company for the purpose of developing an equine parturation monitor. The initial system was intended to monitor heart and respiration rates prior to the onset of delivery. Shortly after the development of FOAL-SAFE ™, it became apparent that the simplified heart monitor was useful in monitoring small animals during anesthesia. The SAFE-RATE ™ audio alarm sounded in the event of bradycardia or tachycardia. The digital model was introduced in 1989, thousands were sold until the technology was sold to Ideal Instruments.

The SATURN ® nebulizer was a first of a kind as the only ultrasonic nebulizer designed exclusively for veterinary use. The name SATURN ® is an acronym for SMALL ANIMAL THERAPEUTIC ULTRASONIC RESPIRATORY NEBULIZER! The clinically appropriate particle size made it well suited for avian and exotic use. It is an essential for the avian practitioner.

In spite of our numerous “high-tech” R&D projects, our most successful product to date is the Dynax Stretcher. It’s simple curvature overcomes the problem of getting your hands under the rigid Stretcher to lift the heavy dog safely and conveniently. The blue mesh stretcher is in use in just under 6000 animal hospitals and clinics throughout the United Sates, Canada, Europe and Asia.

The problems poised by fractious cats was reduced by the introduction of the SCRATCH-SHIELD™ in 1995. A clear, unbreakable Lexan ® panel with more than 100 holes, was similar to a reverse squeeze cage. It remains one of our top selling products in spite of the introduction of the ultimate cat restraint devise. The CLAM SHELL™ has surpassed our expectation in usefulness and acceptance by veterinarians and technicians. Although it appears like a large pair of “tongs” the cat (or exotic) actually grabs onto the mesh while enclosed. Injections can be made through the mesh.

Our “product development” objective remains focused on safety issues for personnel and patient. Our mission is to continue providing economical products to reduce injuries, hypothermia and patient discomfort.

Engler Engineering Corp. entered into an agreement with Dynax to exclusively manufacter and market its products. All of Engler products can be viewed on their website at - Engler
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