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Engler Digital Water Circulator Warming Pump



Digital Water Circulator Pump

Hypothermia is a constant risk for the small veterinary surgical patient. Approximately 60 to 70% of surgery patients become hypothermic.

Various veterinary medical studies have proven that maintaining warmth during and after surgery can markedly improve clinical outcomes.

The Water Circulator Digital Warming Pump places a comfortable vinyl blanket under the patient. Warm water is circulated throughout this blanket by an electrica digitall pump.

- Warming and cooling circulating water

- 3 pad sizes S, M & L (sold separately)

- Attaches to CSZ & other brand
   circulator pads

- Prevents hypothermia / hyperthermia

- Temperature up/down (46F-110F)

- Displays Fahrenheit or Celsius

- Digital display shows current temperature

- Maintain optimum patient temperature

- Surgery, post – surgery, recovery

- Sight glass for easy viewing of water level

- Fully digital with remote control

- Easy water fill

- Tube drain tool included

- Easy to use

- 1 year warranty


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